Life is complicated, and its complexity often impedes the ability to see the truth -- the black and white of a situation, a product, or a person. Grey areas arise most often when we fail to examine or stop listening to ourselves, our needs, our inner voice.

My motto? Authentic. Simple. Minimalist.
It is not just a brand statement I picked up from my days at Calvin Klein, but a way of thinking. It is not trendy, it’s truth. A “less is more” mantra is not about closing your mind or being judgmental, but rather exploring your soul to determine what is right for you and eliminating the extraneous that can weigh you down.

Like life itself, fashion and beauty inundates us, hindering our ability to achieve a minimalist, streamlined aesthetic. I have learned, first-hand, from acclaimed designers that the greatest challenge is the act of trying to eliminate anything unnecessary. It takes restraint. It takes vision. It takes self-awareness.

I seek to examine the latest in fashion, beauty and life with such finesse.
And, of course, with a sense of humor.

Enjoy the black and white.

Art is the elimination of the unnecessary...
grey a·re·a
an ill-defined situation or field not readily conforming to a category or to an existing set of rules.