Christine's experience working in the luxury fashion market in NYC, combined with her intrinsic attachment to the country charm of the East End, lend a unique perspective that my readers like to follow. Christine's shared insights into the world of haute Hamptons moms were especially a hit, and I look forward to publishing more of her musings next summer...
Kelly Delaney, former Conde Nast Editor/Founder of the luxury lifestyle diary for the Hamptons
…an exceptionally talented and skilled writer but also a strong marketing professional with experience in luxury, fashion, beauty and licensing. …an incredible business partner who demonstrated strategic insight and a strong understanding of how to build a brand, and a true gift for the written word. Christine and her creative magic consistently deliver exceptional copy that is engaging and on point. …she is patient, flexible and easy to work with; a passionate and committed partner who displays a strong work ethic and can-do attitude. An asset to any team!
Lori Singer, Group Vice President Global Marketing for Coty Prestige (Vera Wang / Marc Jacobs / Kenneth Cole)
Christine is my favorite writer.
Ellen Rodriguez, President Lela Rose
Christine has a great balance between understanding and driving the company vision, while managing day-to-day needs. She excels in flexibility – showing a very creative side as well as understanding and delivering financial accountabilities. She has the ability to pull people in by teaching with respect, professionalism and quality work. Her work ethic, her talent for both oral and written communication, follow-thru and her ability to partner with others is outstanding. She can pick up any task and drive it personally, or create and lead a positive team because she is clear and concise.
Jan Lombardo, President GOSMILE