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While there’s a greater focus on women’s health as of late, many self-care topics – like incontinence – remain taboo. Serial entrepreneur Aubrey Hubbell is on a mission to change that with Hazel. The brand makes “no-leak chic” disposable underwear that is as well-designed as it is effective.

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Not since Gwyneth launched the Jade Egg has the world’s wellness takeover gotten so involved in sexual well-being. And for good reason. With 6,000 women entering menopause daily, women are not only living longer but feel they’re just hitting their stride as “The Change” strikes. I am one of them. But despite the growing numbers – and the ability to finally mention menopause in the media – there is significant misinformation in the marketplace.

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Estrogen can sometimes seem like a four-letter word. As we age, our bodies produce less. In its place come mood swings, weight gain, hot flashes, vaginal atrophy, and loss of sexual desire.
In an effort to regain our equilibrium, we supplement, diet, and exercise. We discuss — often ad nauseam — with friends and strangers online.

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It seems we're hearing more about gut health then overall nutrition — or the increasingly popular tracking macros — as of late. With gut health inextricably linked to hormones, playing a central role in estrogen levels, it's natural to wonder the lengths to which diet impacts menopause, and if even vaginal health can be swayed by nutrition. The short answer is yes.

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A butterfly-shaped gland positioned around the larynx (aka the voice box), the thyroid gets a lot of attention in midlife. (Feel tired? Maybe it's your thyroid?
Gained weight? Maybe it's your thyroid. Freezing cold? Probably your thyroid. Sound familiar?). It's little wonder, though, that we blame it for many of our woes.

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If you've ever sneezed, laughed, coughed, or jumped and wet yourself a little, you're not alone. The instigator is a weakened pelvic floor, and it is synonymous with aging.