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"I Signed A Prenup"
We were about to get married, so why did I feel as if I were mapping out our divorce?"

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"Shooting For The Stars"
While a picture is worth a thousand words, the film Shooting Beauty — the tale of photographer Courtney Bent, who gave cameras to disabled adults in hopes of giving them a voice — will leave you speechless.

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"Speaking The Same Language"
Running red lights, I reached to University Hospital hoping to arrive in time to tell my Dad the one thing he needed to know — that I loved him. His prognosis was not good, and according to the doctor the end could come within 72 hours.

"Make Room For Multiple Moms"
If you are among the more than 3% of women having twins (or more!) children at once, you are overwhelmed. While twins are becoming more commonplace, it is far from common to know what to do when you double your
family. Especially as a first-time mother.