Developed Editorial Concept and Brand Story:

Where Aging and Fashion Find Freedom

Aging. The word is often fraught with feelings, and the word “anti” its precursor.

Not at VNV.

Led by female-founders and a team of accomplished fashion-career women who see, hear and understand the needs of women over 45, VNV joins the groundswell of pioneers reinventing how we think about aging. We seek to do more than motivate you to show up yourself, VNV is
the style discovery destination you’ve longed for. Finally, there is dedicated fashion befitting shifting bodies and lifestyles. We’re bringing back the joy of dressing.

The VNV brand identity parallels your personal journeys. Our thematic color, green, in spiritual terms, implies beginnings, new growth and renewal. Liberation may begin with what you wear, but it mirrors who you become. There are more shades of green than any other color, just as there are more diverse women today. There is no one perfect shade of green. No perfect age. No one standard of beauty.

“Women always try to tame themselves as they get older,
but the ones who look best are often a bit wilder.”
— Miuccia Prada

Rather than fearing letting yourself go, we encourage you to let go. Find the freedom, the fun and your stylish self again in our curated site designed to elevate you, women of – not a certain age – but all the wonderful ages.

Editorial Launch: June 2022

Editorial: July 2022